Tuesday, October 19, 2010

50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

Thanks to Amber over at Random Rants of an Army Wife for the heads up on this one.

Shutterfly is having a promotion where you can get 50 free holiday cards by submitting your blog. I use Shutterfly for everything photo related, including holiday cards, and have never had a problem or been disappointed.

Just go to this link to submit your blog:

This year we're planning on combining our birth announcements with the holiday cards so I can definitely make use of 50 free :)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Putty Approved

I can't believe how this week flew by. I think work knows that I'm getting ready to be gone for 3 months so everything seems to be blowing up at once! I haven't even wanted to get on the computer once I got home at all this week and usually went to bed not long afterwards.

I had my 35 week appointment on Thursday and everything is still going as planned. I'm still hoping we don't go early since I have everything planned at work right up until 11/12, which is my planned last day of work.

My shower is next Saturday so my Mom and sister are flying in for the weekend for it. I bought this to wear for Halloween so I'm debating if I'll wear it for the shower or not. It arrived today. How cool is this :)


In other exciting news, the day that we've been waiting for has finally arrived... our new sofa and loveseat were scheduled to arrive today!

Since the furniture delivery was scheduled sometime between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM, we knew we needed to be up and moving by 7:00. If we weren't, you know those guys would have shown up at exactly 7:00. So, knowing full well that I planned to be up and moving around 6:30, I went to bed around 11pm and proceeded to stare at the ceiling until almost 3:00AM! Not happy at all! I slowly dragged myself out of bed around 7, and who should arrive shortly thereafter??? No, not the delivery guys.... the roofers! We knew our landlord was having the roof of our building redone, but we didn't know they'd be showing up before the sun.

Being on the 2nd floor of a three story apartment, there was a lot of noise and banging going on all day. So much that the putties set up camp under the beds for most of the day. We still have no idea how Harley got his 20lb behind under the bed!

Harley & C-Lo Hiding

Hadley the Brave

But finally, our new furniture did arrive and we spent most of the day rearranging the living room so that everything fit to our satisfaction. We had to put our old couch on the curb Thursday night for pickup so we went all day and night on Friday with no couch. And, both pieces are putty approved...

Hadley Approved

C-Lo Approved


Sunday, October 10, 2010

That Didn't Take Long

Today at the supermarket I saw Sister Wives in the tabloids. So that took... what... a whole three weeks... Gotta love the media...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little Helpers

So...I had a little energy today and started cleaning and organizing some of the piles of mail and junk that had been accumulating on our dining room table. Turns out I had a couple of little helpers...

Little Helpers

As you can see they were both very useful today.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Says Jealousy Isn't Healthy?

So jealous of the lives of my cats...

Sleeping Putties

Spoiled Putties