Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Time Link Up: Food

Jansen Family Adventures

The topic is FOOD over at Jansen Family Adventures. Go over and link up!

Marshall hits his 5 month mark next week so we haven't had any fun food adventures yet. He is still on formula, but the plan is to start him on rice cereal next weekend. We're going to try and make our own babyfood and it will either be wildly successful or a huge flop :)

Lately, Marshall has started turning his head away to whatever action is happening in the room, but still attached to the bottle. So, of course, Mom has to adjust and move the bottle with him. I think he inherited his father's short attention span.

I can't wait for Marshall to try his first foods and, of course, to document it for future entertainment.

He falls asleep while he's eating from his bottle all the time so I hope that won't carry over when we can start feeding him in his highchair.



Jansen Family said...

Lol...I can just imagine him looking around with the bottle in his mouth! He is a darling boy!


Skye said...

Good luck with making your own baby food! I am sure it is so much healthier and tastier.
I (sadly) did not end up doing it even though I had the best intentions. *sigh*
Good luck with the rice cereal... it's the beginning of a whole new world of fun! :)