Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration

We've start a little unofficial tradition where Marshall gives family members ornaments for Christmas.  This year I didn't want to just buy ornaments so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.  Now, we've all seen the Pinterest fails that have been floating around the Internet so I didn't want to do anything that was going to take a lot of time and be a huge disappointment if it didn't turn out.  Easy, right?

Well, I came across this ornament that looked like it would be pretty easy to do.  Now… to get a crazy 3 year old to cooperate!

I picked up some of the plain $6.00 ornaments from Target.  I thought blue would make a pretty background.  I also picked up some sharpie markers, white poster paint, and sponge paint brushes from Michaels.

As soon as Marshall saw the supplies he got super excited for the pending messiness that was soon to come.

Next steps were to slather on the white paint on his hands and keep him from touching anything! Easier said then done but we managed to complete the whole project with only paint on our hands and the ornaments.

After our hands were good and painty (is that even a word???), the next step was to mark up the ornaments.  We just set the ornament in the palm of his hand and he wrapped his fingers around it.  Since Marshall's 3 and has the attention span of a flea, I had to move quick for each ornament as well as reapplying paint in between.  I only made him hold onto the ball for a few seconds.  We had a few smudged patterns but overall he did pretty well with the whole process.

And here are our drying ornaments waiting for the final touches to be added.

I originally tried to do all of the embellishments with Sharpie markers, but the blue ornament was too dark so the black hats weren't showing up very well so I turned to some adhesive backed felt for the hats.  Otherwise, I used a Sharpie for the eyes, nose, and buttons.  The marker did each through the paint a little bit, but you can really tell.  It is possible that a different type of paint would be better suited for this type of project if you are really particular, but the poster paint worked fine for what we needed it to do.  And here is our finished product!

Not too bad for our first Pinterest project :)

Have you had any successes or fails at Pinterest project attempts?


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Start

That is what January 1st is supposed to be, right?  Starting over… forgetting about past grudges… getting things in order…

Well, that is what 2014 is going to be for me!  I've been thinking most of today what I want 2014 to be for me and my family.  I already know it is going to be a challenging year.  Our 1st deployment as a family will be starting very soon.  Freddy will be gone for most of 2014, which is a driving force behind most of my goals for this year.

So here goes… I decided to compile a list of both short and long term goals.  I think if I include some easy goals in the mix it will help me to stay motivated by actually completing something.

Complete a Deployment file

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we attend our Yellow Ribbon event for Freddy's deployment.  Well I still have two full tote bags of documentation to read through and organize.  In addition, we need to gather all of Freddy's personal stuff that needs to be taken care of while he's gone and and basically just get organized.

Focus on my weight-loss and fitness

For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, you know weight-loss is a popular topic on my blog.  I've always struggled with my weight and will try to make the right decisions this year to get started in the right direction again.  I may even give meal planning a try :)  I'm starting a 21 day sugar detox on January 6.  There is a large Facebook community also starting on the 6th so there will be lots of support.  Plus, if you sign up on their website, you can get daily emails of tips and encouragement.  It is based on the 21-Day Sugar Detox program.  I plan on going through the book while doing the program.  I've also toyed with joining Weight Watchers online again while their registration is free.

Run a 5K

Yep… I've been saying it for 2 years now but this is going to be the year that I finally run a 5K.  It has been hard, as a beginner, to run in my neighborhood because it is extremely hilly.  But we have a treadmill now!  My plan is to do the Couch-to-5K Running Plan and build up my endurance on the treadmill and then tackle the hills in the 'hood.  There is a Hot Chocolate run in Philadelphia, PA in April that I would like to target as my first 5K.  Who would run for hot chocolate at the finish line :)

Complete a Project Life Album

I recently discovered the Project Life system of scrapbooking.  With Freddy leaving, I've decided we need to make sure to document 2014 so he can see Marshall growing up.  I just don't have time for traditional scrapbooking so Project Life seemed like the perfect solution.  I already have my album set up and ready to go so look for a post this week for details.

Become credit card debt free

I've struggled a bit in this area over the past couple of years.  But I've started some research on some methods that will hopefully work for us as it seems like we can never catch up.  Look for a post on our game plan in the coming weeks.  The one good thing about Freddy's deployment is we'll be getting 2 paychecks again.

Complete a 365 day project

I started one last year and never completed it.  I'd like to try and complete one again this year and, coupled with my Project Life scrapbook, it will hopefully be easier.

Read 5 new books

I need to start reading again.  Enough said!

Redesign my blog

A big goal that I have for myself is to redesign and update my blog.  I've joined a blogging support group that will hopefully help me direct my efforts in the right direction.  This will also help me to blog more and include meaningful content.  You should start seeing some changes in the next 2 - 3 months.

Plant some flowers

I know this is pretty general.  I have some plans on what I want to do with our front yard and hope to make some progress on that this spring.

Do 1 thing for me each month

I don't know where this one will lead, but with Freddy leaving I know I am going to have to make a conscious effort to take care of myself.

So there you have it… my focus for 2014.  I have some other things that I want to get done this year as well but these are items that I wanted to make sure that I focused on this year.

What goals to you have for yourself in 2014?