Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Seriously... first the earthquake on Tuesday and now a hurricane??? No one told me the rapture was coming early :) As of 9:30 this evening we're getting some pretty steady rain and a little wind here in Central Jersey. My house is about 5 miles from NYC so it is anyone's guess on the impact here. My office building is in downtown Manhattan, which had a mandatory evacuation today so we've prepared for the possibility of working from home for an extended period of time.

I was going to start posting this week about some of the stuff we've done over the past month but I'm not sure if I'll have power tomorrow or, if it does go out, how long we'll be without power. So my great return to blog-land may be delayed.

The Marsh had to take inventory of our hurricane supplies...


He finds our selection satisfactory.


My husband had to report for duty with National Guard around 8:00pm this evening so The Marsh and I are having our own little hurricane party with the putties. When I spoke to him they were bunking in the Armory and then heading out to the evacuation shelters in the morning.

Freddy getting ready to leave earlier this evening. Marshall is actually starting to recognize when we leave so he was not happy when Daddy walked out the door.


We'll return after the hurricane clean-up!!