Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 15: Baby's First Evacuation

This morning started off like any other day. I woke up around 5:30 and rushed through my shower and feeding the cats so I could be done before Marshall woke up. This morning he was good and I actually had to wake him up at 6:30 to get ready to go. We left around 6:45 and I dropped him off at daycare around 7:15. Arriving at work around 8:15, I had a new employee start yesterday so I spent my entire morning in a conference room with her training. We had just finished up for the day around noon when my boss peeked in the room and motioned for me to come into his office.

Well, it was my friend, Michelle on his phone. Apparently there was a small electrical fire at Marshall's daycare and they had to evacuate all of the kids. When they couldn't get in touch with me, they called Freddy. When he couldn't get in touch with me he called Michelle, who went over and picked up Marshall.

I spoke with the director of the daycare this evening and no one was hurt, but the location is going to be closed until they can make repairs. As an alternative they are moving the kids over to their other location, which is primarily for the older kids. The good news is that I still have someplace to take him. The bad thing is that my commute is going to suck more since I'll have to take the bus into Hoboken now :(

And to make matters worse I think I'm getting sick...