Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blogger FAIL

So... another unexpected hiatus from blogging :( Things have been crazy over the past 6 months... But in other news I've tagged 2012 as a year of change for me! So, over the next week or so I'll be reorganizing and redesigning my blog. But most importantly I'll be designating a few blog posts a week to updating what our family, and, more importantly, Marshall (aka The Marsh), have been up to since October when my blogging became quite infrequent.

The Marsh has been growing up right before our eyes so I want to make sure I document and share all of that with you. A few updates you can look forward to over the coming weeks:

1. Daddy comes home from his 6 week deployment!
2. Mommy gets a promotion!
3. The Marsh turns one!
4. Our 1st Halloween!
5. Marshall's 1st trip to the museum!
6. Marshall's 1st birthday party!
7. Our 2nd Thanksgiving!
8. Power Outages!
9. Road trip to Michigan!
10. Our 2nd Christmas!
11. Sickness and Disease :(
12. First words!
13. More sickness :(
14. Moving on up in Gymboree!
15. Extreme Couponing!
16. Back to the gym!
17. Mommy signed up to run a 5K!
18. Putties!
19. Scentsy success!
20. Life organization in 2012!

Not only that but I still have some fun updates to post about the summer when Marshall went on his first camping trip!

So there you have it! As the blog construction begins, please forgive any broken links or pictures that you might find!



Melissa said...

Looking forward to the updates!