Saturday, March 31, 2012

Still Here

We obviously didn't win the Mega Millions last night :(

In other news... I can't believe how busy things are this year. I don't even know where all the time is going. I've pretty much been working just abou every night after Marshall goes to bed. Freddy started graduate classes so it's just me and the Marsh on Monday's. I'm also running my first 5K on May 4th, which I have a feeling that it will be more of a run/walk for me considering how my training is going. The only time I can train is in the evenings after dinner. Then I come home and work :( In addition I am scheduled to sit for the PMP exam at the beginning of June so I need to start studying for that next week. Oh yeah, and I was accepted to start graduate classes in the fall so I'm working on getting all the paperwork in order so I can register for my class soon. We're a little behindon the 8-ball but I'm also trying to get Marshall's christening set up with my family church back in Michigan. Oh... right... and I'm also trying to get ready for a Bridal Expo in 2 weeks that I will have a Scentsy table set up at.

And did I mention this guy! The Marsh never stops! And don't judge his hair... this was taken back in February and we got his hair cut the next week :)