Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decor

So... Things have been crazy busy here these days. We are still not able to get into our offices in Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy. We almost got in today but it was cancelled at the last minute.

I can't believe Christmas is two weeks away! I am still slowly getting our decor up. We are not going too crazy this year but you can guarantee Freddy will be up on the roof with lights next year :). Marsh has been doing ok with it. Every once in awhile he will pull off an ornament to look at. Here are some pictures of what we have up so far. We are hosting Christmas this year so expect a highly decorated interior :)



Jess Gougeon said...

Love this time of year. Your tree looks great!

Skye said...

So pretty! This is the best time of the year by far! I can't believe you can't get to your office yet- ugh - i guess you work in lower manhattan - that stinks - I hope you are getting compensated in the meantime at least or able to work from home :( Your tree is pretty :)