Friday, September 27, 2013

1st Time at the Dentist

Today marked Marshall's 1st dentist visit.  Since Marshall is kind of hit and miss with new people I knew I wanted to find someone who had a good track record with children.  So I hit Google to see what our options were.  As luck would have it, there was a pediatric dentist about 2 miles away from our house.  I read their reviews and followed their Facebook page for a few weeks and saw nothing but positive feedback for the dentists and their staff so I went ahead and made an appointment.

When we first walked in, the first thing you see is a white board where they welcome their new patients.  I thought that was a nice touch.


Of course, what is a children's doctor's office without a play area?  As soon as Marshall saw that, all hesitation about walking into the room went right out the door.


Once we got inside the exam room, Marshall got nervous again with both the dentist and the assistant in the room.  So Freddy got in the chair and let Marshall sit on his lap.  Somehow, with Marshall almost clenching his teeth, the dentist was able to clean his teeth and do an exam.  All the while Marshall was yelling "I don't want to brush my teeth!"  

The diagnosis:  No cavities and four 2-year molars breaking through.

Once the cleaning and exam were done, Marshall was all smiles as soon as he heard "Do you want to pick a prize?"  He even gave the assistant a high-five.  Overall, the whole experience went 100 times better then I expected.

Afterwards, we treated Marshall to lunch at Old McDonald's (aka McDonald's!).