Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Boulevard

In case you haven't heard, the Super Bowl is at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey tomorrow.  That's right folks!  It is in NEW JERSEY!  NOT in NEW YORK!

To celebrate, NYC turned Broadway between 32nd and 47th streets into what they called "Super Bowl Boulevard".  In my never-ending quest for family fun activities as we near Freddy's deployment, I decided it would be fun to head into the city to take a look.  I figured it would also be a once in a lifetime experience as well.

As soon as we got there, I very quickly remembered why I hate even the thought of taking a step into Times Square.  There were about a hundred gazillion people crammed into a 15 block area.  It didn't take us long to see what we had to see and then get the heck out of there!

We thought about taking Marshall on the toboggan ride... until we saw the line!  That is only part of the line that you see going up the left hand side.  So we just snapped a picture and moved on.

They also had the Vince Lombardi trophy on display so we headed over to see if we could get some pictures of it.  Until we heard that it was a 3 hour wait to get inside the building!  SO I snapped a picture from outside and called it a day...  This was the best I could do with the glare from the other buildings on the glass.

And last, but not least, we got a picture in front of the numbers that were set up around 46th street...

There were a lot more Bronco fans then Seahawk fans walking around but the Seahawk fans were louder :)  As crazy as the crowd was, and the fact that I got into a yelling match with the obnoxious security guy from H&M, it was a pretty fun day and probably something we won't see again for a long time.