Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 Days...

...since my last post :( For some reason I haven't really had much to write about this past week. There were a couple of days that I sat in front of the computer and just could not think of anything to write. I've mostly just been keeping myself busy while Freddy is away in Germany. He tries to call everyday, which is nice as I know a lot of wives don't have that luxury. But it is still difficult with the time difference and having to rely on calling cards. If I happen to miss his call there really isn't a way for me to return his call. I just have to wait for him to get a free moment to call again.

Anyway, this week has been going kind of slow, but a few things that I was able to get started or accomplished with Freddy away...

1. Got myself up around 7am every morning for work :) Normally Freddy is my alarm clock.

2. Took out the trash.

3. Keeping the kitties fed and cleaned.

4. Cleaned the house.

5. Dropped off and picked up the laundry.

6. Started walking with my new Nike+ tennis shoes (more on those later!).

7. Received some family news (more on that later!).

And, my new guilty pleasure...


I'm not sure why this show fascinates me, but I sit enthralled with each episode. I think a lot of it is listening to these teenagers and how they think that life is going to be so easy with a newborn baby. And then reality hits them hard. What is sad for a lot of these teens is how unsupportive their families are. I was espcially surprised how unsupportive the family was of the teen from season 1 who decided to give her baby up for adoption. I really think she was the only one that season who was thinking about the best interest of her baby and her family fought her the entire way.

How about all of those round 1 and 2 upsets in the NCAA championship so far??? It is a good think I never got around to filling out a bracket at work. Mine would have been done by now :)

13 days until Freddy comes home...



Kara said...

I should not watch 16 and pregnant because it pisses me off, but I just can't help myself! I am just amazed at how they think everything will go on as normal and he will love them forever. It never seems to turn out that way, you have to feel bad for them, but they can't play the stupid card forever!
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