Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not as Difficult...

Well that was easy! I found my previous layout so I didn't have to spend hours finding a new one I liked! Which also would have included hours of messing around with font colors because I am that crazy... Not really too much to add today... just trying to figure out what to do first since Freddy is at drill this weekend playing Army. My options...

1. Watch TV and relax... I am growing a human after all...
2. Clean the kitchen.
3. Clean the bedroom.
4. Play with the putties.
5. Work on my cross stitch.

So many options. Well, I can't play with the putties because it is nap time. I got a couple glaring looks when I had the nerve to talk to them a few minutes ago. Why would I even think about disturbing naptime!

Nap Time!

I may entertain cleaning later this afternoon. We still have to figure out how we're going to reorganize the apartment for all the baby furniture that we'll need. I guess we better think about purchasing some of that stuff soon.

I'll probably end up working on my cross stitch...