Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Long I Have Neglected You...

It has been over two months since I stopped in here :( and I see that my layout has gone away... I'll try to get that fixed over the next week. That's what I get for neglecting my bloggy.

Well, there was a period of about 4 months where I didn't feel well and didn't even boot up the computer. I'm still trying to catch up on things since re-entering the cyber world earlier this month.

So what's happened over the past 4 months you might ask???

1. I got my hair fixed by a real professional. Turns out the guy who did it before ended up damaging a lot of my hair. The JC Penney salon did a much better job for cheaper :)

2. We visited the Iwo Jima when it was docked in NYC for Fleet Week over Memorial Weekend. Freddy was in his element...

3. I finished book 1 of the Twilight series.

4. I learned about a cool thing call Geocaching. We haven't had a chance to go on our first hunt, but I can't wait to get started.

5. Freddy went to Germany for 3 weeks.

6. After a 5 year hiatus I got back intp my cross stitching. I plan to post pictures of my finished projects.

7. Sooooo adicted to Farmville!

8. New guilty pleasure.... Teen Mom!

9. Law & Order ended after 20 years :(

10. Oh yeah.... and we're pregnant!

The reason that I was sick for 4 months is we've got a baby on the way and due in November. Turns out I got hit hard with the Morning Sickness and then my Motion Sickness went out of control. Now that I'm showing and we've just entered week 24, we actually need to start preparing for baby's arrival. We found out a few weeks ago that we're having a boy so Freddy is estatic that he is going to have a son. So now I'll have something interesting to blog about going forward :)



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You've been BUSY - and I'm so happy for you two! Can't wait to follow along in your pregnancy through the blog! :)