Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy Week!

Holy cow I can't believe how fast the past week flew by! It has been that long since I've even been online as well. Work has been crazy busy. My 2nd day back from leave and my boss gives me a project that has to be completed by the end of March to save the company over 1 million dollars. No pressure!!! So I've been working extra hours after Marshall goes to bed to get stuff done. On top of that I've been sick the last few days with sinus congestion. I've always had bad sinuses and seasonal allergies so when the weather bounces back and forth I usually get blessed with a lovely sinus infection. So not only am I working a gazillion hours, I'm also sick and so tired.

I had big plans this weekend too. Freddy has been gone for reserve duty since Thursday and doesn't get back until tomorrow. Since the weather was going to be in the mid-50's I was going to go out with Marshall to have some quality mommy/son time. But I'm just too tired to feel safe out with him alone let alone driving the car. I'm hesitant to take any nyquil because it will put me in a coma and I won't be able to hear the baby cry. Freddy has promised that I can take some nyquil tomorrow night and he'll be on baby duty so I can get some sleep.

I haven't even had any time to get recent pictures of Marshall off my camera!

Oh... and don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tomorrow :)



Skye said...

OH yes what an adjustment going back to work for sure!!
Hope you feel better and you have to take care of yourself too, so you can be a happy & healthy Mommy for Marshall! :)