Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy & Marshall's Sick Day

Today Marshall had his follow up with the doctor after three days on his breathing treatment. I decided to take a sick day today to spend the day with my baby. Once we got up and around this morning around 7am, I found out that giving an infant a nebulizer treatment by yourself is not easy. I set him up in his swing so I could catch a quick shower and some breakfast. Our doctor's appointment was not unil 1:15pm so we had plenty of time. When I got out of the shower, Marshall still looked a little under the weather.


But after a few rounds of "Stray Cat Strut" and his Elephant, Marshall was my happy baby again.


With clean clothes and breakfast behind us, we decided to have a little tummy time. I had taken Marshall to a playdate a few weeks ago and noticed how excited he got playing with toys that light up. I picked up a couple of new light up toys for him last night when I was at Target. Of course, I proved, once again, that I can never get out of Target for less than $150!

We played with our new snail toy and then with our new light up ball. Both make lots of sounds for baby. We're still trying to roll from our back to our stomach and still can't figure out how to get over that arm.

Marshall Marshall Marshall

It doesn't take long to tire of tummy time, so we played in our Exersaucer next. Marshall has recently gotten extremely excited when put in his Exersaucer. He is really trying to stand on his legs so the Exersaucer lets him push up on his feet and bounce around. Not too mention it makes noise and lights up :)

Marshall Marshall

Once we wore ourselves out playing in the Exersaucer, it was time for our mid-morning snack and diaper change. Marshall has recently discovered his feet so that, in combination with the fact that he always wants to try and roll over, makes diaper changing particularly challenging.


I knew he was starting to feel better when he ate his entire 6oz. He hasn't done that in one sitting in over a week. Once the bottle was gone it was time for a nappy.

Marshall Marshall

Since we were going to have to leave for the doctor in about an hour, I was going to let him just sleep in my lap on the couch. But, of course, he startled himself awake and the only way I could get him back to sleep was to put him in his favorite position :)

Mommy & Marshall

Once he was back to sleep, I laid him down so I could get some cleaning done before we left. Harley climbed up on our bed and took a nap with him. Yes... we let Marshall nap in our bed sometimes when he's not feeling well. Don't judge :) I check on him like a crazy person.

Marshall & Harley

So it was finally time to head out to the doctor's around noon. Under normal circumstances it only takes about 25 minutes to drive from Jersey City to Summit for Marshall's appointments. However, traffic in Jersey City is as obnoxious as driving in NYC and it will take 45 minutes to travel 10 miles so we always give ourselves an hour to get there. Of course, today, traffic was moving very nicely and we arrived at the doctor's office with almost 30 minutes to spare. So we hung out in the waiting room reading magazines. Well, I read magazines and Marshall took a nap.


Finally the moment of truth... They called us into the exam room to check on Marshall's progress. His oxygen was 98%. Although the doctor still heard some wheezing, she believes he's finally turned a corner for the better. He was all smiles for her. We still have to do the nebulizer three times a day this week but we shouldn't have to go back into see the doctor until Marshall's 6 month appointment in May.

Getting ready to blow this popsicle stand!


We got home around 3:00pm and found out that Daddy was leaving work early today to spend some time with Marshall. Once Daddy got home, Marshall was excited to play... After our dinner of course :)

Daddy & Marshall

It wasn't long before we were ready for bed.


Here's hoping the Spring weather helps our house to get over these nasty colds! Of course it was rainy and icky today :(



Skye said...

Awww Poor Marshall - Glad he is feeling better. I love the picture of him sleeping with your kitty next to him - how sweet!

Alicia said...

Kylie has that snail! She got it when she was pretty young and still plays with it. Just today she was sitting up and then saw the snail and she leaned way over and had her chin almost on the floor and then she smiled, I think she was smiling at her reflection :) I love Harley sleeping in bed with Marshall! I was always against having babies sleep anywhere but in their crib and held strong with that until recently and now most nights Kylie is in bed with me at some point....she's going thru separation anxiety and I just get too tired to fight it. You do what you have to do!