Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost Done... I Hope...

We took Marshall to the pulmonary doctor on Friday and, as expected, they changed up his meds.  Marshall also had some chest xrays done to check his lungs.  He had a recheck with his normal pediatrician which went well.  There was hardly any wheezing so she does not need to see him again unless he gets worse again.  We have a recheck with the pulmonary doctor on Thursday and then I hope we're done with doctors for awhile.

Here's Marshall waiting patiently to have his xrays done.  He's been such a good baby through all of this.  And, as you can see, we don't go anywhere without Sophie :)


Skye said...

aww poor baby- It sounds like he is getting better I hope! :)
ps - Sophie rocks - we go everywhere with her.

Alicia said...

Sophie is the best! Kylie got hers when she was a few days old, she's getting close to 1 year and Sophie is still her best friend!