Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 3: Keeping Busy

The bad thing is that I miss my hubby :(

The good thing is that I've been all sorts of productive trying to stay busy so the time goes by fast.

On Sunday, Marshall and I cleaned the living room, dining room, and most of the kitchen. I still have some more organizing to do but I was happy with what was accomplished.

On Monday, we got up bright and early and headed off to Target to pick up some baby and cleaning supplies. Then we stopped at our local Stop & Shop so I could pick up some frozen dinners for my lunches and various grocery supplies. Baby and I got in a nappy in the afternoon as well. I even remembered to take out the trash last night :)

Today, after I got Marshall down for the night, I started my first lesson for Rosetta Stone. My employer has a contract with Rosetta Stone so I have access to it until October. I hope to get through most of the levels for Spanish by then.

BTW... Freddy called today. He was counting bullets. Our tax dollars at work, folks :)