Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 4: What I've Learned as a Mommy

So I was thinking about the various things that I've learned about being a Mommy since Marshall was born in October. It is amazing how the smallest thing seems like a revelation to me :)

1. Not all first time mothers go late. Marshall was 2 weeks early.

2. They always say you'll know when you're in labor. Not true! For the first 6 hours that I was in labor I didn't have anything that felt worse than mentrual cramps so I thought I was having the Braxton Hicks contractions. 5 1/2 hours later Marshall was here!

3. During childbirth, you really don't care about anything else. I'm a fairly modest person and I didn't care who was in the room or where they were.

4. The best thing I did while we were in the hospital was have the nurse take Marshall to the nursery overnight. It allowed me to get some rest for a few more days before going home.

5. I should have stayed in the hospital for the extra day. We were so anxious to get home and start our lives as parents that we asked the doctor to discharge us a day early. It would have been one more day of people taking care of us and another night of uninterrupted sleep.

6. When they say make sure your hospital bag is packed at 35 weeks... Do It!! We were rushing around the night we went to the hospital and of course forgot things... like the camera!

7. Take everyone's advice and sleep when the baby sleeps!

8. Don't worry that your house is a little messy. I would try to clean something while Marshall was sleeping but just ended up more tired and irritable.

9. Babies are tough. I'm not saying they're indestructable but Marshall should have brain damage due to all the times I've bonked him on the head. Most of the time he looks at me and laughs.

10. A poopy diaper is way more comfortable than a wet diaper. Marshall starts getting antsy when he's even a little bit wet. But he'll sit in a poopy diaper for hours just as happy as a clam.

11. Sleeping through the night means sleeping until 5am.

12. Sleeping in on Saturdays means sleeping in until 7am :)

13. Television? What television? I don't think I've seen a full television program since October.

14. I'm always late for everything now and I'm ok with that. Even when we start gettig things together early, something alway pushes us back... like the need to change clothes after a spit up accident.

15. I never imagined that I wouldn't care about the fact that I have to rearrange everything to make sure Marshall is getting what he needs.




Alicia said...

Love this post and agree with it all! I used to always worry about being pregnant and my water breaking out in public, then all the books said that never happens, that you always have contractions and know you are in labor before your water breaks and most of the time the dr ends up doing it in the hospital....well, I went to bed the night of my due date, no contractions at all, no sign of labor, and my dr had already told me I would probably have to have a c-section, 30 minutes later my water broke and an hour or so after that I started having a few contractions, so glad I wasn't out in public at the time since my first sign of labor was my water breaking!

Skye said...

I agree with #3 - so true for me too, I was very specific as to who could be in the room and I did not even want my husband to see what was goin on LOL. I did care! haha!
ANd yes pack the bag early - we were running around too while I was doubled over in labor trying to pack lol