Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I Love the 'Burbs

I grew up in the suburbs of Michigan in a small town.  You know, the kind where you run into someone you know everywhere you go.  My parents were raised in the same town so no matter where we went, someone would recognize us as offspring of our parents or even our grandparents! 

I moved to NYC back in 2000 ready to take on the big city and tired of small town living.  I had a couple of roommates and loved city living.  That was when I was single and twenty-something.

Now that I'm married, with a child, and thirty-something, I am so happy to be back in the suburbs!  The other night we just went for a walk in our neighborhood with Marsh and didn't have to worry about where we could walk or if we were going to get run over by a speeding car blasting the latest hip hop out of their window.





Of course we had to carry the car back because Marsh wanted to be carried himself!

I can't wait for our first snowfall :)