Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Perfect Storm

Or at least that is what people are calling this thing that is heading right towards the East Coast.  According to the Weather Channel we're talking about a "massive storm that hasn't been rivaled in generations."  Holy Crap!

My company had declared Monday a mandatory work from home day on Friday, but earlier today the mayor of NYC declared the area where my office is a mandatory evacuation zone.

If I have power tomorrow night I'll try and get on to schedule some of my posts that I was going to start doing as Flashback Friday posts for the rest of the week.

Freddy has already been activated and will most likely be gone for at least 72 hours so it is just me and the Marsh to weather Hurricane Sandy.

Poor Marsh tried to stop Freddy from leaving by standing in front of the door yelling "no daddy no go daddy!"  This was a drill weekend so he had been gone already since Thursday and was only home for a couple hours when he got the call he had to head back in the city.  Marsh spent all weekend yelling for daddy :(

Here's the post I wrote up on Hurricane Irene last year... Hurricane Irene

The Marsh will now have been through 2 hurricanes in 2 years!

Well, here's to hoping we have power in the morning!



Alicia said...

Stay safe! We have a lot of family in the Philadelphia area and have been watching this storm closely.