Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Aftermath...

When we woke up on 10/30, we had no power but most of the remnants of Hurricane Sandy had finished with our area.  I couldn't believe some of the damage I was hearing on the news.  We had no heat and no power and it was cold.

I checked outside and luckily we didn't really sustain any property damage.  My passenger mirror on my care was shattered but that was it.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy
Oh, and by the way... it was Marshall's 2nd birthday!!  So we tried to make the most of it.  It was still rainy and cold so we obviously couldn't go outside to play.  We hadn't fully unpacked Marshall's toys so I quickly brought that box upstairs from the basement and we started unpacking.
We played a lot of cars...

And colored a lot...

And since it would get dark around 4:00pm, we would sit by our battery powered lantern and read books for most of the evening.  We had a lot of Marshall and Mom time.  We were very lucky and our power came back on around 8:45pm Wednesday evening. 
Our cable and Internet were still out but that was finally restored on Sunday so, after a week of working off my blackberry, I can actually work this week.  Unfortunately we all have to work from home until they give the all clear for us to get back into our office, which was in Zone A in Manhattan.  We just heard it could be 6 - 8 weeks before we can get back in.  I HATE working from home :(
We were supposed to have Marshall's birthday party this weekend, but we'll be pushing that back since we have no idea whe Freddy will be home.


Jewels Max said...

Oh my goodness, Marshall is TWO already! Happy Belated and I'm wondering, why do you HATE working from home?