Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy pretty much wrecked havoc on the New York/New Jersey area.  Many coastal neighborhoods are pretty much gone.  The Jersey Shore, a popular summer vacation spot for many, will never be the same.  Part of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City is gone.  Many people still do not have power.  It is insane.

Well, we weathered the storm about as good as could be expected.  Freddy was activated about 2 hours after he got home from reserve duty last Sunday and has been gone ever since.  They are saying it will be another week and a half before they can even talk about releasing people.  He's been running various missions out on Long Island.

The storm rolled in full force late Monday afternoon.  My office had already made it a mandatory work from home day and I opted to not take Marshall into day care since I didn't really know when it was going to start getting bad.  People started to report flickering lights early afternoon.  Ours flickered a bit around 5:00pm.  I logged off work around 6:00pm so that I wasn't online should we lose power.  This is a shot Monday afternoon when the first banch fell in the street.

Hurricane Sandy
We went through our normal routine, just me and the Marsh.  As I was finishing up his bath, our lights went out for about 30 seconds and came back on.  Around 8:45pm, I was just getting Marsh dried off and dress and the lights went out for good.  Naturally Marshall started whimpering a bit so my first mission was to keep him calm.  So we lit the lantern to figure out what we needed to do.  I also had flashlights and as soon as I handed one to Marsh, he was fine.  His red flashlight served as a security blanket for him throughout the week.  He wouldn't go anywhere without it.
Since it was almost bedtime anyway, we set up our hurricane disaster recovery campsite on the floor of our bedroom.  My main goal was to try and keep Marshall occupied so he didn't get too stressed out sice the winds were pretty loud and strong by then.  If you stopped and listen it actually did sound like a freight train going through!
Every time I tried to take a picture of the both of us, I would say "Say Cheese!" and he would yell "Cheese!" and close his eyes for the flash.  This was the best I could do :)

Bruiser wasn't to sure about joining our party.  In the end all 4 cats ended up on the bed with us to wait out the storm.

By 10:00pm, we were falling asleep.  Once we had pillows on the floor, he was out like a light.  And before you say anything, I did move him to the bed!

Over the next couple of days I will update how our week went with no power, no cable, no Internet, and seasonal fall temperatures.


Alicia said...

Love the picture of the 2 of you! Glad to hear you are all safe.

Jewels Max said...

What a cool blog.
I googled my aunt Clara and happened to land upon your blog. HOw sweet it is. Thanks for sharing!

Also, a trillion thanks to cousin Freddy for his invaluable service. Thank you and Marshall for sharing him with the world. you three are pretty special! God Bless!