Monday, January 7, 2013

Marshall's First New Year's Eve

When I say his first New Year's Eve, I really mean the first New Year's Eve where Marsh was semi-aware that something was happening.  I never followed up on how our New Year's Eve celebration went after our lovely day at the ER!  We had decided to let Marshall stay up as long as he could.  I was surprised he actually made it to midnight!  Since my roast plans were a bust, we just ordered a couple pizza and ate the chips and salsa for snacks.

We ended up watching a mixture of Nick Jr. and the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit marathon most of the evening.  I know... wild and crazy!!  At 10:00pm we turned it over to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and had many conversations about the fact that we had no idea who most of the people were.  I guess that's a sign we're getting old!  Although I thought it was a great touch to have MC Hammer out on stage for us oldies.  I wish I would have had my video camera out because Marshall went crazy during the Gangham Style performance.

A few shots from the evening....




You can obviously see in the background of every shot why we call Marshall "destructor"!  When we got close to midnight, Marshall helped us count down from 10 and shouted "Happy New Year!"