Monday, August 26, 2013


Semper Fi Momma has been hosting a weekly link up to focus on the one thing that mommies seem to not be able to do... themselves. And I am probably up there at the top of the guilty list. So, I'm going to join her and others to try and do five things for me each week. They don't have to be big.... just for me.

Every Monday I will try to post what I want to do just for me and report on what I was able to do :)

For this week, I thought I would give myself an easy list to complete since we're heading into a holiday weekend.

1.  Clean off the dining room table.  Now I know what you're thinking... this seems like work!  Not for me!  I love decorating my house and, unfortunately, our dining room table has become a catch all of junk.  I have a nice centerpiece and table cloth that I want to use and can't until the blasted thing is cleaned off.

2.  Organize the Tupperware.  Again, you might be thinking this is work.  No way!  For some reason my husband can seem to properly stack our tupperware in the tupperware cabinet and just shoves stuff in there.  In addition, he has started a tupperware tower on our dining room table.  It is driving me crazy!

3.  Organize Pictures.  I recently (yesterday) discovered that I had over 300 pictures hanging out on my SLR camera.  I'm sure I have just as many on my little purse camera.  In addition, now that I have a MacBook, it will be easy to download and organize the pictures from my iPhone and iPad so I can keep the space free on those devices.  Plus, it will make it easier for me to catch up with my 365 Project for 2013 :)

4.  Print & Complete Picture Collage Frame.  I bought this giant picture collage type frame last year from Target that is still sitting empty in our basement.  I know where I want to put it, but I've got to get the pictures in it.

5.  Unpack 1 box.  So we moved into our house last September and we still have unpacked boxes in the basement, our bedroom, and Marshall's bedroom.  Just 1 box....

Look for how I did next week!



Laura said...

Thank you so much for joining the #5things4me movement!! (haha! ok so it's probably not a movement, but I feel like it is for me personally) I love your #1. And it's not a crazy 'for me' thing. I was just thinking yesterday how I think next week on my list I'm going to bust hump on Monday to get my house whipped into shape so I'm not worrying about it for the rest of the week. Which, is a total for me because I'll have more time for the rest of the things on my list and everyone else. Can't wait to see your post next week!!