Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe, fun, and happy New Year's Eve celebration!

I had to work today and, of course, just as I was getting ready to leave around noon I get hit with an escalation!  It never fails.  I don't think I've ever really been able to take advantage of early release over the past few years.  When I finally left around 1:30pm, I realized I had actually forgotten my driver's license in the jacket I went running in last night...  OOPS!  On top of that, because I could give a Graduate level course in procrastination, it expired today so I had plans to go to the nearest DMV near my workplace and just get it done.  Well, since I had left my license at home, I had to drive all the way back home - 40 minutes - to get it.  Since my day was going awesome when I got home... yep... you guessed it... my license was in my wallet the whole time!

So now it is almost 2:45pm.  After quickly checking to make sure {thankfully!} the DMV was open until 5:30pm today, I ran out to try and get at least one thing accomplished today.  The DMV is only 15 minutes away so I can do this!

BTW... Marshall did not have school today and Freddy currently isn't working.  They were BOTH still in their pajamas when I got home!  At least the dishes were done!  LOL!

At the DMV, the receptionist asks me for my 6 points of ID to check in and get my number.  WHAT???  Being the first time that I've renewed my license in New Jersey, I thought you only had to do that when you got a new license.  Nope!  Every time!  Luckily I had my military ID in my wallet so the combination of that and my current license satisfied the 6 points of ID {whew!}

They were only on number 68.  While waiting, I heard the security guard say that if they don't get to your number by 5:30pm, then you have to come back another day.  That would NOT be cool.  So I sat.  Played a couple games of Soda Crush.  Played a couple games of Cookie Jam.  Checked Facebook.  Played some more Soda Crush.  Finally, after almost an hour, they called my number!  I found out that I received the last number to guarantee service before they closed up for the day.  And, apparently, everyone now gets a new picture when they renew licenses, so after I went to the first counter where all she did was check my IDs again, I had to wait in another line to get my picture taken.  Another 30 minutes later and I walked out the door with a brand new license in hand.  I vowed, like I do every time, not to wait to the last minute next time.  But pretty sure I will!

Now to start my New Year's Eve celebration!!  Or, as we like to call it, relaxing in the living room doing nothing!  Yep, we're pretty low key so for the past couple of years we have just stayed in and had our own little celebration to welcome in the New Year.

I'm working on some plans for 2015.  We had a pretty crappy 2014 and we have both vowed to make 2015 better and make it our year.  But more on that later.

For now, we wish you health and happiness in 2015!