Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting My Craft On...

The past few months I've been trying to visit my creative side, which, if you know me personally, is buried deep, deep down inside.  Meaning I don't consider myself very creative.

I've gotten a little better now that I've been doing Project Life scrapbooking.  More on that later.

I joined a card swap group on Facebook that focuses on swapping homemade cards for pocket scrapbooking.  In addition, they also do some challenges to help people work on different techniques or try new ones they haven't done before.

I've been slowing increasing my supply of crafting stash over the past few months by taking advantage of the coupons and sales at Michaels.

A couple of the cards I've made recently...

The last card was made from one of the few non-photo Christmas cards that we received.  I never thought about it before but holiday and birthday cards are a great starting point to a homemade addition to your scrapbook :)

It has been so long since I've been able to just sit down and work on my crafts so I'm hoping to be able to really get back to it soon.  In only finished January in my 2014 Project Life album... but have pictures printed through July!  Not to mention I want to do a book for Marshall's first year and I may start one for when he starts school next year.

What kind of hobbies to you wish you could get back into?