Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Goals

As I'm working to get my life organized this year, I've decided to make some monthly goals for myself.  Some of these goals will be goals every month, and others will be just for that month.  For 2016 I really want to focus on my health and fitness by taking some baby steps and finish out the year strong.  I have not been treating myself very well the past 4 months and I'm starting to feel it.  I know I've gained 10 - 15 lbs since January and I find myself winded just walking up the stairs to the 2nd floor of our house.  With Freddy scheduled to deploy later this year and a very active 5 year old, I need to be mentally and physically ready to take on this challenge.

To help with tracking some of these goals, I've joined an online program given by Cathy Zielske of CZ Design.  She is a well known scrapbooker who uses primarily the pocket scrapbooking method.  I've take a few of her classes in the past and have always loved her open, honest, and positive attitude.  She is offering a year long health and fitness class called FIT.  I joined the class with the intention of starting in January, but, sadly, have not done much with it.  So, my new start month is May.  The beauty of this class is that it is designed to start any month.  You don't have to start in January.  So that leads me to my first goal.

1.  TRACKING.  I am going to make an effort to write down everything.  My FIT journal is going to be that outlet.  Once I get May set up, which will hopefully be tomorrow, I will show how I am going to use this.  The great thing about doing this through an outlet like CZ Design is that she posts a monthly video to help with motivation.

2.  HYDRATION.  This is always something that I've struggled with.  It is safe to say that I'm officially addicted to Diet Coke.  I know I don't drink enough water.  I am going to focus on getting 48 oz of water each day with the help of my Lions tumbler.  I'm going to be using the Waterlogged app to track my water intake.

3.  NUTRITION.  This is where I struggle the most.  Nutrition is 80 - 85% of getting healthy.  If your nutrition is not good, you might as well not be doing anything.  I tend to eat when I'm bored even when I'm not hungry.  So the key is to keep myself busy.  I've been going back and forth on how I want to move forward with this.  First and foremost, I am going to track using MyFitnessPal.  I've tried a few different apps, and MyFitnessPal seems to work best for me.  Second, I will also be starting the 21 Day Fix tomorrow.

There are may other things that I want to get done for me, but I settled on these 3 to focus on first.  As I re-establish my habits, I know I will find myself adding more short and long term goals.

How are you doing on your goals for 2016?