Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beautiful Fall, Sunny Day

This morning I actually broke out some of our wedding gifts and made the hubby breakfast. I was going to break out the waffle maker but we opted for pancakes instead. I really wanted to play with our new griddle but there is no room to use it in our current kitchen :( so I had to use a frying pan. The batter dispenser was sooooo much easier than trying to pour it out of the bowl or use the spoon. I also learned that our tortilla warmer also makes a good pancake warmer!

Before we even got out of bed, Freddy was asking if I wanted to go into the city so I knew he really wanted to go somewhere today. Plus the weather was a beautiful fall day... blue sky, cool breeze, sunny. After breakfast we decided to go to the New York Aquarium since neither of us had been there before.

NY Aquarium

From the parking lot you can see the Cyclone, which has been a staple at Coney Island for years. There has been a lot of controversy over the closing of Astroland. I have no idea why it was so hazy at 3:00 in the afternoon on a sunny day.

The Cyclone

The Aquarium was much smaller than I expected, but here are some of my favorite stops from the day.

The Sergeant Major fish... you know who got excited about this one :)

Sergeant Major Fish

The Shark Tank


The Sting Rays

Sting Ray

The Jellyfish


The Caimon... he totally wanted to come home with me!


Los Penguinos


After the Aquarium we took a walk down the Coney Island boardwalk where I was able to take some nice photos.

Coney Island

Coney Island

The biggest seagull I've ever seen! You should have seen him in person! He was huge!


And, of course, my hubby... surprisingly not wearing his combat boots.




JG said...

What a fun day. That picture of the jellyfish is AMAZING!