Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In a word that is how I would describe my house right now... a disaster. Right now the only time I can really clean anything in my house is during the 2 hours after dinner and before I drag myself to bed.

We made it past the 1 month mark for Baby Marshall. I have his 1 month photo with the bear, but haven't had a chance to get it uploaded yet. I was actually able to get one without him screaming so that is progress I think :) He's been pretty fussy the past couple of days, which I think can be attributed to his 6 week growth spurt. As a result my days are pretty much shot even for a nap. It probably wouldn't be so bad if it were warmer and we could take a break from the house and take a walk to get some fresh air. Right now it is a little too cold to take a 6 week old outside for extended periods of time.

Last week I purchased one of these in an effort to still carry Marshall but also get some stuff done... An ErgoBaby!


Marshall fell right to sleep when I put him in it and I was a cleaning machine! Since he's going through a fussy phase right now he wants nothing to do with the Ergo and my poor house is suffering :( I actually had to start a task list of stuff that I need to get done so I don't forget anything.

Some of you may remember the to do list that I had going before Marshall was born. Well, I finally got one more item checked off yesterday. After 2 years, I finally ordered and framed our wedding pictures for display. I am bound and determined to complete this list! Now I just have to complete his name cross stitch and get our bookshelves organized.

1. Purchase a new sofa and love seat
2. Purchase a new crib, changer, and dresser
3. Clean and organize the office/storage room
4. Organize our bedroom to make room for crib
5. Switch out the old computer desk for the new one
6. Put up curtains in living room
7. Put up blinds/curtains in main bathroom
8. Put up blinds/curtains in small bathroom
9. Put up curtains in dining room
10. Put up all pictures, art, and other various wall hangings
11. Purchase china cabinet for china still trapped in boxes
12. Put up curtains in kitchen
13. Complete cross stitch name picture for Baby O
14. Order pictures for and complete wedding frame collage
15. Clean apartment!!!
16. Purchase bathroom space saver for baby bath supplies
17. Organize closets to make room for baby clothes
18. Organize bookshelves to make room for baby storage
19. Put crib together
20. Put dresser/changer together

Here's to finding more time to blog... and other stuff!