Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!






Marshall's first Christmas...



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Anonymous said...

I love your photos and would you like to know something funny? I have a female kitten, exactly like C-lo. Fur and everything ha ha ha.

I'm Leanna and I really like your blog. I'm PAG to Zachary who's currently deployed :)

Nice to meet you! Hope you don't mind me following ^_^ would love if you return too.

Merry Christmas!!

Skye said...

Yay to Marshall's first Christmas! Love the red outfit! He is so adorable!! How did I miss your blog... I saw you are following me, and I never checked out your blog - Bad ME! Well here I am - and I am following too. About time right?
And I love how you rescued your cats. I love hearing about rescued animals - makes me smile to know someone cared to save an animal's life! :)

Like the New Yrs resolution too! :)