Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9/11

As we remember those lost on this 14th anniversary of 9/11, so many things go through my mind every year.  As I'm commuting into work, I can't help but remember every step I took that day.  14 years later I still remember every minute like it was yesterday.

  • Thinking about taking my Mom to the Towers the next time she came for a visit.
  • The clear blue sky.
  • The comments about an accident at the World Trade Center as I arrived to my desk.
  • Trying to call everyone I could think of in an effort to let them know that I was ok.
  • The gasps as we listened to the radio when each tower fell.
  • Finally reaching my sister, who was at work and hadn't heard what happened yet.
  • Walking from 34th street to 110th street trying to get home because the subway was not running.
  • Watching the news all night in disbelief over what had just happened.
  • Building evacuations and bomb threats for the rest of the week.
That day is still very surreal to me and I can never bring myself to write anything about that day hear.  I refuse to watch the 9/11 specials, documentary, and news reports that fill our TV schedule the week leading up to the anniversary date.  I cannot bring myself to watch the memorial down at Ground Zero.

What I can do, is leave you with the last full post I have written on the subject.

God Bless...