Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear So and So... Seriously... Enough Already!

Dear So and So...

Dear Clients,

No I will not call you right now and I will not respond to your questions today when you send an email at 4:00 in the afternoon. Remember I've got other things to do as well and cannot drop everything to work on your problem. AND I will not be escalating your non-production issue request.

Your Project Manager's Boss


Dear House,

Please proceed with your cleaning. I've done enough and would appreciate that you finish the job yourself.

Tired House Renter


Dear Homies on the Corner,

Really? Are you that deaf that you need to play your music that loud? I can hear it so I'm assuming you can hear it too. I hope you are enjoying my afternoon with Garth, Alan, Jodee, Carrie, Madonna, and NKOTB. And, yes, I'm the one who called the cops!

Dialing 311 in Brooklyn


Dear Detroit Tigers,

Please get your act together! It is really getting old when you blow it in the last two weeks of the season... every year! There is no reason why you shouldn't clinch the AL Central Division this year. You've now lost 3 in a row and MUST beat the Twins today to stay in it!

Nervous Tiger fan in NY


Dear C-Lo,

Yes, you are cute and furry :)