Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holy Crap!

The last day of September is next week! Holy Crap!! Where did 2009 go??? A month from yesterday I've been married for a whole year! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Anyway... so I realized I typoed some information in my last post. The Yankees magic number of 1 was to clinch a playoff spot, which they did this week. If they sweep the Red Sox this weekend they can clinch the AL East.

Like true form the Tigers got beat by the White Sox last night. The Twins beat the Royals so they are still 2 games behind for the AL Central. If the Tigers don't take the AL Central they most likely don't have a chance at the AL Wild Card since there is no way they can catch the Red Sox or the Yankees.

ALDS 2009

In National League news it looks like the St. Louis Cardinals are close to clinching a playoff spot as well.

BTW... Football season start a couple weeks ago. All the Lions need to do this year is win 1 game to improve on last season. 0-2 after the second week...

AND... next weekend I put up my Halloween decorations!!! I'll have photos :)