Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby's First Outing

Today we had some professional portraits done, which I'll share once we receive the CD. I may be biased but I believe I have the cutest baby on the planet :) I was actually impressed with how well Marshall did since he never got his early afternoon nap and was acting a bit cranky before we left the house. He even smiled in a lot of his shots. I know that being good with kids is part of their job, but the people taking the pictures were great with him.

Marshall has been outside of the house, but they were normally for a specific purpose, i.e. doctor's appointment, family gathering, etc. I don't really consider those situations to be an outing.

We had our portraits done at JC Penney, which was inside the Newport Mall in Jersey City. Once we were done, I had a few things to pick up so Marshall had his first outing at the mall.

This was how impressed he was with the mall in general. Once we were done with pictures, Marshall slept through the rest of the trip.


I think by the time we were done Freddy was wishing he could take a nap and be pushed around in the stroller.



Hanna said...

awww...can't wait to see hte photos. I am considering getting professional portraits done for GInger although I never have before:) Let me know how they come out! He's so cute! Hope your enjoying your weekend

Skye said...

Yes I can't wait to see the pictures too! :)
Outings are fun! I know it's hard in the winter time... I was happy to have a May baby, we had her out after 2 weeks LOL. {gasp}

Great shot of Marshall sleeping :)

Andrea said...

that's about how impressed I am with the mall too :)