Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Unfair...

Why is it that when you've established yourself in your career and are making a salary that allows you to live comfortably, but not necessarily above your means, you still get screwed? I just finished up our taxes and, not only did we get screwed by New York State because of Freddy's unemployment and my short term disability payments, but we couldn't claim a child credit for Marshall because we make too much money. WHAT??? I hate to break it to Washington but no matter what your income babies are EXPENSIVE. We're at that annoying level, along with hundreds of other Americans, where we make too much money to qualify for various credits and discounts but we don't make enough money to not have to rely on credit for large purchases. Not to mention my insurance company didn't even give me the option to have state taxes withheld from my STD payments while I'm out on maternity leave. And since my job is still in NYC, I'm stuck paying NY taxes :(

Speaking of Marshall... he is still tying his hardest to roll from his back to his stomach. He gets so frustrated because he can't figure out how to do it.


This is how I felt while I was doing taxes :)


After he tried for almost 10 minutes and had himself in hysterics, I finally flipped him over. He quickly calmed down and watched TV for a few minutes before taking a little nap. Trying to roll over can really wear a guy out!




Alicia said...

tooo cute, it's so pitiful when they are trying so hard to roll over and can't!

Jansen Family said...

Yes, the tax thing is lame, but the rolling pictures are super cute! It amazes me to watch these little babies work so very hard to figure out skills we've long stopped worrying about. His little mat looks comfy too!

Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

Julie said...

That really sucks. My friend didn't get the child tax credit because her husband was injured and they don't make enough "taxable" income to count. The system is a little messed up I think.

But in good news you won my Scentsy giveaway :)

Skye said...

I am cringing about the taxes... b/c I was out on 14 weeks of disabilty and FMLA... I think we did the right thing with taxes but who the heck knows. And the child credit thing - yup, most people in the tri-state area make too much to get the full credit if at all b/c salaries (and cost of living!!) are higher here. Nice.

Here is one way to get some money back - We are paying for daycare now, so knowing we won't get much of a credit, we are using my "Dependent Care" Flex spending through my job. I can use $5000 in pre-tax dependent care spending and at least you get a decent tax savings at the end of the year when you file. It's very worth it - IF you use daycare (which we have to unfortunately).