Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Official

Marshall is definitely rolling from his stomach to his back. The problem we have now is that he is doing it in his sleep.

I actually put him down so that his head was in the direction of the head of the crib. When I went in to check on him, he was sideways. One morning he was all the way in the front corner of the crib.


His cries prompted me to check in on him again to find that all he needed was his pacifier put back in his mouth. While I stood there for my standard 3 - 5 minutes to make sure he was officially back to sleep, he lifted his head and shoulders and rolled over on his back. All while sound aleep.


The problem that we have is that he can't roll back onto his stomach and he's always hated being put down on his back. So, about 10 minutes later, he started crying again. His paci had fallen out of his mouth, which semi woke him up. It was then he realized he was on his back which put him in a full scream. When I got to his crib he was frantically trying to roll back onto his stomach. Once I rolled him back over he was fine and went back to sleep.

I'm really hoping he learns to roll back onto his stomach soon because I envision many overnight wake-up calls because he can't get back on his stomach.

And I'm hoping C-Lo will soon stop glaring at me from above everytime I attend to the baby :)