Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally... A Vacation!

So I found out on Monday that my sugar was high from the glucose test I took a couple weeks ago. As a result I have to now do the 3 hour test to make sure I'm not at risk for gestational diabetes. It sucks because even the 1 hour test made me sick for two days. Plus I have to take another day off of work in order to do it, which sucks more...

But in other news...I am done with work until next Thursday, which is a great feeling. I think I really needed some time off, even if we didn't go anywhere. But, we just happen to be travelling to Michigan to visit my family. We decided to drive, which is a 12 hour trip, so I'll have pics of the drive over. Not that there is much to see on the Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes but you never know.

My brother's wedding reception is Saturday and my mom is having a little shower for me Monday evening so there will be lots of photos. I'm also taking Freddy up to the Mackinaw Bridge tomorrow. I figure we try and find something new to do this time around.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!