Thursday, August 12, 2010


My New Toy :)


I already do have a nice SLR camera that I bought last year, but I also wanted a smaller one that I could carry around in my purse. This way I'll have a camera on me all the time, which will come in handy when Baby O makes his debut.

We have an awards program at work, which I got it through, so I didn't have to pay anything for this, which was nice. I got it in Plum and it is all fancy with a touch screen and everything. Of course I didn't think about getting a case for it so I won't be carrying it around until that happens so it doesn't get all scratched up.



Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Oh have fun with your toy! I LOVE Nikon! My DSLR is a Nikon but my "pocket camera" is a very slim Sony Cybershot with the slide front. But I've heard a lot of good things about the Coolpix.

Post some pics from it! :)