Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is It Possible...

To be this tired?? We spent all day yesterday doing more stuff around the apartment and I could hardly walk upright by the time we were done. For a while there I had thought I had maybe pinched a nerve in my back or something. But this morning I felt a little better, so I think the fact that I was crawling around on the floor putting our bathroom space saver together might have had something to do with it.

Freddy had to report to his unit this afternoon and is gone until tomorrow so I get some quality alone time with the putties tonight. It will mostly involve going to bed shortly since I can hardly keep my eyes open. Oh the exciting life I lead :)

The good news is that our crib and dresser/changing table is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday so we'll spend next weekend putting them together. In addition we will also hopefully get to order our new living room furniture as well. Our apartment is slowly coming together.

Now its off to bed to try and get an early start to work tomorrow!