Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Best Invention Ever!

Tonight I thanked the gods again for the best invention ever! I visited a friend in New Jersey today for a girl shopping day. The day started around noon and we finally finished up around 10:30pm this evening. My friend lives in Jersey City and my normal route home is to take the Holland Tunnel to get into Manhattan. Currently, the Holland Tunnel will set you back $8.00 to cross into Manhattan.

As I was approaching the toll booths, the cash lanes were the outermost booths. The line to pay by cash had to be a good 30 minute back-up. Not me! I was in possession of the best invention ever!

The EZ Pass!!!


As a result, the lane I moved into looked like this!


No traffic and smooth sailing through the tunnel! Without it, I would probably still be waiting to get through the cash lane. I often wonder why it took us so long to get one in the first place!



JG said...

Here they are Pike Passes, and we only got one a couple of months ago. We don't take the turnpike very often, but some friends of our moved to an area where the only way to get to them is by going through a toll section, and when we went to visit them the first time, we got lost and wound up exiting and entering the toll section like 6 times! Hubs got a pike pass (and a GPS) the next week. No more of that foolishness!