Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear So and So... Must You Be So Difficult?

Dear So and So...

Dear Hurricane Danny,

If you're going to hit the East Coast, do it already! Our weekend is pretty much ruined because you may or may not dump a monsoon on us.

New York


Dear Citibank,

You suck! Closing an account because we supposedly "violated" one of your many rules without a phone call is rude and not very customer friendly. How about a phone call to discuss the issue when you noticed the violation?? Sending a letter to our old address after mail forwarding has expired is not the correct response! And lets not get started the the random fees that just started popping up!

Soon to be Members of a Different Bank


Dear People of Cypress Hills,

I'm not sure why you all feel that everyone needs to experience your choice in music, but is it really necessary that my house should vibrate as well? I really should not have to close my windows because I cannot even hear my own TV above your music. Please keep in mind that, just because you don't have anywhere to be, some of us do have to get up before noon for our jobs. Let's keep an eye on the clock and consider your neighbors after 10pm!

Thank You,
Sleepless in Cypress Hills


Dear Harley,

Thank you for NOT being difficult and only asking for the simple things in life... your spider, milk ring, love, attention and (of course) wet kitty food...