Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year... New Look

So over a month since my last post... Well, now that I've gotten things in order I can post more often again. I thought since we were starting a new year I would change the look a little here. I also started my "52 Weeks of the Olveras" blog. My plan is to post once a week with some photos that illustrate how that week went. We'll see how successful it is :) The link is in my sidebar to the right.

The past month has been quite busy and hectic that I've barely had time to think. Here's what's been going on over the past month...

We moved!! Yep, we made the jump over the Hudson River to New Jersey. Let me tell you that travelling for an hour with three cats in carriers is not pleasant. At one point I thought they were trying to harmonize with each other. We're in a quieter neighborhood now with a permanent parking spot. We're still renting so we're hoping to save up enough money to buy a place in a couple of years. Not sure where just yet, but it is on the horizon. It took the kitties a few days to get used to the new digs but now they've claimed it as their own.





I got very addicted to "Bejeweled Blitz" on Facebook. Very dangerous :)

We celebrated Christmas in our new home. I was worried I wouldn't be able to put up my decorations in time with the move but I got them up! This was the first year that Hadley and Harley didn't try to pull the tree over. I think they are finally growing up! Even though this was supposed to be our year to go to Michigan for Christmas, we decided to stay in NYC. My brother is getting married in March in Key West in March so we wanted to make sure we were able to make it down. We'll be driving so I'm sure we'll have some cool pictures when we get back. Anyway, here are a couple shots of our Christmas decor.



I got back on track with Weight Watchers. I lost about 20 lbs on WW back in 2006 and another 10 lbs before our wedding. Unfortunately I've gained it all back and then some. I've been back on track the past three weeks. Yes I started again the week before Christmas. I felt I had to in order to make sure I didn't go crazy over the holidays. I was still up 0.6 on my Tuesday weigh in after Christmas, but this is the first time the gain has been less than a pound after the holidays. I was then down 2.4 last week. I'm taking a different approach this time and focusing on smaller mini-goals rather than the final goal. My first mini-goal is to lose 10lbs before St. Patricks Day. I'll continue to report my progress here and, when I get brave enough, post some before and afters. Let me tell you I've seen some not too flattering "before" pics from the holidays :(

Freddy volunteered to go to Germany for 3 weeks to help the 133rd in March :(

We welcomed in 2010! My mom and her travel buddies were in town for New Year's this year and decided to brave the elements in Times Square. I've been sick off an on the past few weeks so I decided to not spend 6 hours standing in the rain that night. They had a good time and we got to spend some time together. And, with that I'm documenting my New Year's resolutions for 2010. At the end of the year we'll take a look back and see how many I was able to move forward with :)
--> Earn my 10% key chain from WW.
--> Start training for a 5K.
--> Earn my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.
--> Start experimenting with photo editing.
--> Take more photos of our day to day.
--> Complete my Wedding scrap book.
--> Start my Kitty scrap book.
--> Start cross stitching again.

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy 2010!



The Mrs. said...

I love your paint color on the wall behind the tree! And your tree looked great too!

I need to get back on the WW wagon but I find it really tough to get to meetings. I'm thinking about doing it online this time around.

Enjoy NJ! and the cheap gas!