Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Turns out when you actually follow the plan it works. I was down 2.4lbs this morning when I stepped on the scale after being very good over the past 7 days to eat right. I modified my goals so that my first weightloss goal is just to lose the first 5lbs. Since I gained last week, I'm actually only down 1.8 with 3.2 to go to hit my first goal.

Now that Marshall is becoming more aware of his surroundings, Freddy sat down with him this evening to play with his My Pal Scout. Its one of the Leap Frog toys and you can customize it to say your child's name as well as choose some of the songs that it plays. You can also upload to your computer what has been done with the toy. I haven't done that yet but once he starts playing with it on his own it will be interesting to see what he specifically chooses to play. Right now Marshall is more interested in the collar that lights up but he definitely pays attention to it when the music is playing.

My Pal Scout



imthatmommy said...

We have My Pal Violet! My girl is about to turn 7 months and she just started smiling at Violet a couple weeks ago. It is super easy to update the favorite colors, songs, food, etc. Too bad they don't have breastmilk as one of the favorite foods...

Alicia said...

We have Violet and Kylie loves it! The light up collar is a favorite part still and she's 8 months old. The first time Violet said Kylie's name she just was so excited about it.