Saturday, January 15, 2011


We had to do our least favorite thing ever this morning. Today was the yearly vet visit for C-Lo, Hadley, and Harley. We are still going to our old vet in Queens since she is familiar with Harley's history with his back legs. Plus their staff is awesome and always remembers our kitties. Unfortunately, when we move further into Jersey we're probably going to have to break down and find another vet. Right now the trip is an hour one way which, if you've ever travelled with cats, is not a fun trip. Hadley actually had an accident in his carrier because he was so nervous. You could tell he was embarrassed because he never has accidents and is usually the one who goes behind everyone else and covers up in the litter boxes.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the piece of purple fluff is on the floor. That belong to a purple furry mouse that Hadley beat the crap out of last night while we were sleeping. There was purple fur all over the living room. We still haven't found where he stashed the tail that was torn off.



While at the vet, Miss C-Lo turned into a major Drama Queen. There's nothing wrong with her here. She's just wrapped up in a towel and acting all pathtic. The doctor hadn't even touched her yet. Of course, her true Calico craziness surfaced when they tried to draw blood.



At least we only have to do this once a year.



Skye said...

Vet visits are never fun ... it seems like bringing doggies might be easier...but still no fun especially when the needles come out!