Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Friends!

I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my new friends.

Meet George! He is going to aid in my goal to cook a few times each week and my weight loss goals. We received this George Foreman grill as a wedding gift over 2 years ago and finally broke it out the other night. This is the model that also comes with a griddle and waffle plate. We made some Omaha steaks that were yummy and only took a few minutes on the grill. And, the plates are dishwasher safe, which makes clean up so easy... if you have a dishwasher :)



This is my very good friend Jimmy! Another gift we received for our wedding and are just now pulling out of its box. We haven't tested it out yet, but I may be making some Valentine's Day margaritas :) I bought some Key Lime margarita mix when we were down in Key West last March that I was super excited to try out. Only to find out little Marshall was on the way so it has been waiting patiently in our cupboard.




And the one I'm doing it all for... well, not the drinking margaritas part...