Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Holy crap it's cold. Now, as you know I originate from the frozen tundra we call Michigan where it is very common for the temperature to dip into the negative numbers this time of year. However, when your apartment is also an icebox no matter how high the thermostat is turned up it makes it very difficult to stay warm. I've got Marshall sleeping in his fleece sleepsack right now. The only saving grace is that for some reason our bedroom heats up to the temperature of hell overnight so I know that baby will stay warm while he's sleeping.

Today we braved the cold 10 degree temperature for a trip into the city to visit Abuela Olvera who is leaving for Ecuador on Friday for a few months for warmer weather. Luckily we got this cool reindeer suit for Christmas to keep us nice and toasty warm on the trip.


Oh... and the Jets lost the AFC to the Pitsburgh Steelers. As a Michigan native I am conditioned to not side with the Green Bay Packers so I will have to root for the Steelers in two weeks. I'm not sure what our plans are for Super Bowl Sunday but hopefully they involve a nice quiet evening at home.

The countdown has started for my return to work: 25 days.



kitten said...

That's a darling photo of your little man. It's nice how you sign your initials AKO at the bottom, AKO in my native language means "ME". :)

Skye said...

Yeah you can that again - it's cooold outside! You are used to this weather then right?! ha! I bundled up Jules this morning for daycare so you could only see her eyes sticking out lol.
I love Marhsall's Reindeer We have a space heater in her room (one with a thermostat) so she stays warm at night along with her sleeping in fleec Pjs. The back of our house is soo cold...

Now that NY is out - I am thinking the Steelers too. I like them enough to care if they win.

b. lee said...

cute, little-snuggly reindeer outfit *