Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diaper Changes are Awesome

Over the past month or so, we've gotten into a routine when Marshall wakes up. We usually wait about 5 minutes to make sure he is really awake. Sometimes he just fusses around and then goes back to sleep. When we're confident he's awake, we get him up, he gets a diaper change and then he eats.

When we lay him down for his diaper change, he is usually crying pretty hysterically like the end of the world is coming.


Once he figures out he's getting a diaper change, he is immediately all smiles through the entire process.


His favorite game currently is to push up with his legs on his changing mat which makes it a little challenging to put the new diaper on. I spend most of the time pulling him back down.

Oh... and if you listen to Harley we never feed him. I challenge you to find any ribs sticking out on this one.